Jessica Grosman

Mixed Berry Breakfast Crostini

Jessica Grosman
Mixed Berry Breakfast Crostini

It’s nearly Mother’s Day, and whether you’re a mom or not, you know how special this day is to all of the mothers in your life.

As best as I can recall, I’ve spent nearly every Mother’s Day celebrating with my own mom. I was my mom’s Mother’s Day gift - and I’m not just saying that to be cute. I was born on May 9, 1977, the day after Mother’s Day! So, we usually spend the few days around Mother’s Day together, celebrating my birthday and Mother’s Day, it’s a nice tradition. We’re not a family that goes out for brunch, especially on the one day of the year that nearly every other family goes out for brunch! Most years, we assemble a delicious spread of sweet and savory recipes; I like to enjoy a brunch-time cocktail (it’s 5pm somewhere, right?). Ideally, neither my mom nor myself would be on clean-up duty after our family meal…

Mother’s Day is a day to enjoy a food that feels fancy and elegant, in my opinion. While the upcoming summertime holidays are all about BBQs and picnics (Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), there’s the opportunity to eat something a bit more frilly or sophisticated on this day that celebrates all of the beautiful hard-working women in the world. I’d like to encourage you to celebrate Mother’s Day in your own home this year, even if you have plans to go out for brunch. There’s always the possibility of a late-afternoon snack to enjoy, while relaxing and sipping a refreshing drink (note - Rosé Champagne is my drink of choice!) The recipe I’m sharing today, although called “Mixed Berry Breakfast Crostini”, could easily be enjoyed anytime of the day - including for a late-afternoon bite with that flute of pink bubbly!

There’s something about Mother’s Day that I associate with fresh strawberries. Perhaps it’s because there are so many springtime recipes which feature strawberries and Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to serve these dishes? Sounds reasonable to me. I wanted to give you an easy and accessible recipe, one that you could make or even your young children could make (with minimal assistance from a grown-up, if needed). This simple macerated berry salad, flecked with fresh mint, is delicious on its own. But when served on top of toasted baguette slices, with a thick spread of my Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse, the simplicity of the berries is immediately elevated. You could skip the mousse, replacing it with Greek yogurt, goat cheese, whipped ricotta, or even some nut butter…but dark chocolate is such a natural pairing with berries and with mint.

I can’t wait to enjoy a plate of my Mixed Berry Breakfast Crostini on Sunday! Share this recipe, make it for yourself and for those you love. Celebrate Mother’s Day as a special day, a little bit fancy, while still keeping things simple.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend, full of delicious food, health & wellness.


Mixed Berry Breakfast Crostini

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Ingredients:  (note - use organic whenever possible)

2 C chopped strawberries (approximately 1 quart)

1/2 C chopped raspberries (approximately 1 pint)

1/2-1 t honey

dash of sea salt

1/4 C finely chopped mint leaves

1 recipe Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse

1 baguette, sliced into 1/2” slices


Place the chopped strawberries and raspberries into a medium-sized mixing bowl.  Drizzle honey over the berries and toss gently to distribute the honey into the berry mixture.  Sprinkle a dash of sea salt into the bowl.  The berries will start to release their juices, making a light syrupy-sauce with the honey.  Add the mint leaves to the mixture.  Set aside, at room temperature, for 30 minutes to allow the flavors to blend.

Bring the Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse to room temperature.  Stir to loosen the mousse and make it more spreadable.

Toast the baguette slices and allow to cool to room temperature.

Just prior to serving, assemble the crostini.  Spread a spoonful of Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse onto each piece of baguette.  Add a generous spoonful of the berry mixture on top of each slice.  Drizzle some of the sauce on top, if desired.  Eat immediately.


recipe yields 6 servings

double or triple the recipe to feed a crowd

substitute date syrup or maple syrup for the honey, if desired

use a gluten-free bread, if necessary

for a delicious variation, swap the Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse for whipped ricotta, goat cheese, Greek yogurt, or nut butter