Jessica Grosman

3-Ingredient Cherry-Chocolate Ice Cream

Jessica Grosman
3-Ingredient Cherry-Chocolate Ice Cream

Can I be honest? I have way too many kitchen gadgets and appliances. Many of them are on heavy-rotation, such as my Vitamix, mini-prep, and full-size Cuisinart food processor. Some of them don’t get used too often at all - the panini press (because pressed sandwiches taste better), the kitchen blow-torch (to make crème brûlée), and the ice cream maker.

When I was in college and grad school, I worked at Williams-Sonoma. I stumbled into the job during the Fall of my junior year and landed a position during the Holiday season at the store nearby to my parent’s house. The learning curve was big for me; I wasn’t familiar with all of the intricacies of cookware, bakeware, and kitchen tools, despite growing-up in the kitchen. But my college coursework included a Food Lab, where I learned and tested different recipes using all different types of ingredients, so I had more than a basic knowledge when it came to cooking. At the time, Williams-Sonoma sold some “fancy” kitchen appliances, although back then, there weren’t any $6000 Espresso machines! One of the more basic electrical appliances was an ice cream maker, and I knew that it would be fun to own an ice cream maker. Right?

Fast forward 20 years, I still have many of the gadgets that I acquired during my time at Williams-Sonoma, plus all of the stuff that I got for wedding gifts in 2003. And of course, I’ve bought items along the way, as well as gotten rid of other items when they were no longer needed. But my ice cream maker has stuck around, year after year, collecting some dust during the winter months and then put into near constant use during the summertime. Lucky for you, this week’s ice cream recipe doesn’t even use an ice cream machine! Phew!

I love to make ice cream and experiment with different flavor combinations. Some have been better than others, to be truthful. I’d be hard-pressed to tell you a flavor that I’m absolutely opposed to, but I’m also quick to tell you that I believe (nearly) all ice cream flavors should include some chocolate! Berries and chocolate are a classic combination, I particularly like cherries and dark chocolate. As this is a 3-ingredient recipe, and I’ve already mentioned cherries and chocolate, what’s the 3rd ingredient? Bananas!

No cream, milk, sugar, or eggs are needed to make my creamy 3-Ingredient Cherry-Chocolate Ice Cream. The secret to the sweetness and the creaminess is frozen bananas. When blended in a food processor, they break-down into an unbelievably smooth texture, reminiscent of “real” ice cream. I’ve been using this simple technique for years, always keeping some banana chunks frozen for when the need for a delicious frozen dessert arises. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to share this with you, please forgive me. And stop by for some ice cream whenever you’re in my neighborhood!

Wishing you a relaxing weekend, full of delicious food, health & wellness.


3-Ingredient Cherry-Chocolate Ice Cream

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Ingredients:  (note - use organic whenever possible)

2 bananas (firm but ripe, no brown spots on the peel)

1 C frozen pitted cherries

1/4 C dark chocolate chips


Line a sheet pan with parchment paper and set aside.

Peel the bananas.  Slice the bananas into 1-inch segments.  Place on the lined baking sheet and freeze for a minimum of 8 hours, or overnight.

Remove the bananas from the freezer and place into the bowl of a large food processor.  Add the frozen cherries.  Allow the fruit to thaw for 2 minutes.

Use the pulse button to blend the frozen fruits into large pebble-sized pieces.  Scrape-down the sides of the bowl as needed.  Add the chocolate chips and process for 30 seconds, or until the fruit is smooth (there will be some pieces of chocolate visible in the mixture). 

Quickly remove the mixture to a freezer-safe covered container.  Cover and freeze for one hour, to firm-up into a scoop-able ice cream consistency.

To serve, use an ice cream scooper to roll the ice cream into large scoops.  Serve in a dish or on a cone and eat immediately!


recipe yields 2 generous servings

allow the mixture to thaw for a few minutes if left frozen for longer than 1 hour

replace the frozen cherries with another frozen berry - blueberries or strawberries, or a mixture, makes a delicious combination