Jessica Grosman

Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse

Jessica Grosman
Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse

This week’s recipe has something to do with spring cleaning. Here’s the quick version of the story: last week, before leaving for my parent’s house for our Passover celebration, I did a simple clean-out of the refrigerator and freezer. There wasn’t much to throw away, just some expired sauces, some random leftovers in the freezer, and a package of over-wilted herbs. I’d done a good job of buying and using exactly what I needed for meal prep over the past few weeks, because I hate to waste food. Did you know that nearly 40% of all food in this country is wasted? A serious issue, for sure, and a topic that I hope to address more in the future. But back to my story…

Lurking in the back of the fruit drawer were two very ripe avocados. I’m a huge fan of avocados and eat them every day, but with less than 24 hours at home (from the time I found these avocados), there was no chance that I was going to be able to eat both of them before departing for the weekend. And they were really mushy and not going to make it through the weekend in the fruit drawer! But I didn’t feel guilty - these avocados weren’t going to be wasted! I knew exactly what I would make with them and take along to my parent’s house. A dessert!

Remember when I wrote about raw dessert recipes and shared my Double-Chocolate Hamentashen recipe? I became intrigued with raw desserts several years ago, when I completed an online cooking class all about raw dessert preparation. Ever since then, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate what I learned from that course into my daily repertoire, especially as the weather is beginning to heat up outside and turning on the oven isn’t desirable. Today’s recipe is another raw dessert - my Raw Cacao Mousse. Avocados lend the creamy texture to this un-cooked recipe, no dairy or eggs are needed to achieve sublime smoothness. Just very ripe avocados!

Other than a few avocados, the remainder of the very short list of ingredients are pantry items - raw cacao powder, maple syrup, sea salt and vanilla extract. The mousse (or pudding, if you’re less fancy) comes together in a matter of moments in a food processor. From there, I recommend chilling it for an hour, because cold mousse just tastes better…but you could also eat it right from the food processor (just be careful with that sharp blade)! I enjoy the mousse with a sprinkling of cacao nibs and coconut flakes on top, but it could also be used as a filling for pre-made tart shells or frozen into more of an ice cream texture.

I hope you love this easy dessert as much as I do! With summertime around the corner, wouldn’t it be a great idea to add some cool creamy desserts to your arsenal of easy recipes? Get yourself some over-ripe avocados and give this recipe a try! And let me know your thoughts, I always enjoy hearing from you.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend, full of delicious food, health & wellness.


Bittersweet Raw Cacao Mousse

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Ingredients:  (note - use organic whenever possible)

2 ripe avocados

1/4 C maple syrup

1/4 C  raw cacao powder

pinch of sea salt

1 t vanilla extract

optional toppings:  cacao nibs, coconut flakes, sliced strawberries, toasted almonds


Place avocado flesh in a large food processor.  Pulse to break-up into rough chunks.  Add maple syrup, raw cacao powder, sea salt and vanilla extract.  Process into a smooth mixture, stopping the machine periodically to scrape down the sides of the bowl.  

Scoop the mousse into a serving bowl, cover and chill for at least one hour.  

To serve, spoon a portion into a bowl and top with suggested toppings, if desired.


recipe yields 4 generous servings

leftovers keep well, covered and chilled, for 2 days

recipe can easily be doubled for more servings