Carrot Cake Tigernut Muffins

This is not the first carrot cake themed recipe on my website, and I can guarantee that it won’t be the last, either.  There’s something about the Springtime that has me craving carrot cake.  Maybe it’s all the images of Easter bunnies munching on carrots? Continue reading

Super-Seed Porridge Pots

After a long, wonderful summer, it’s back-to-school time at my house.  I’m making the morning routine easy and streamlined with these delicious make-ahead porridge pots.  The recipe couldn’t be easier, it’s very nourishing, and I can make enough for several days.  That’s a winning combination in my book! Continue reading

Chocolate “Mousse”

TGIF!!!  When the weekend rolls around, I enjoy eating dessert.  I often bake cookies or a cake to have for an after dinner treat, it just makes the weekend feel more special to have dessert.  I look forward to the  weekend as my chance to unwind and relax, and to have a special snack, too. Continue reading

Superfood Chia Seed Pudding

Do you want to make this delicious chia seed pudding for your snack?
What are superfoods and how do I easily incorporate them into my everyday food choices?  Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the term or seen packaged foods with the claim of being a “superfood” increasingly in the last five years.  While there’s no real definition for “superfood”, there is a consensus among those of us in the nutritional wellness world. Continue reading